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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Haunting Of WNIN!

                                                          Title: The Haunting Of WNIN
                                                                   Evansville, Indiana
                                                            Date: October 30-31 2010
                                   Researchers: Connie Boyer, Angel Angel, Ashley Dorman,
                                                          Dusty Russell, Tabatha Wynn,
                                       Rose Quiroz, Linda Russell, Julie Hedges, Lisa Parker, 
                                      Erik McCandless, Donnie Howard, Brent (Buzz) Owne,
                                    Timothy M. Harte, MA, LCPC, (MESA) William T. Miller.
                                                                 By William T. Miller
                                         Founder Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators


The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators held a convention and overnight investigation at WNIN Channel 9 in Evansville, Indiana. Along with MESA and 18 guests, we spent the night looking for the ghost(s) of WNIN.  Guests were spilt into three groups.  Each group had two SIPI members present. Several researchers experienced phenomena that would be consistent with haunting and poltergest activity.


Construction of the Carpenter home began in 1848 and was completed in 1849. Currently, the Carpenter house is home of WNIN Channel 9. Previous investigations have yielded a variety of experiences from apparitions, sensed presences, erratic functioning of equipment, cold spots, cooking food smells, footsteps, disembodied voices, and object movement.


Researchers set MESA up in the office of Suzanne Hudson-Smith.  SIPI set the Vernier system up in the conference room across the hall from MESA. SIPI also set up two DVR systems and the EMF Two Camera System was setup in the main hall.

Site 1: Suzanne Hudson-Smith Office. MESA did not function as a result of erratic functioning of equipment this is not unusual for a haunt location, and no cause could be found for this.

Site 2: Conference room. The Vernier system was setup to run two 30 min. sample periods.

Ch.1: Light sensor there was no unusual changes in the light sensor for this location.

Ch 2: Stainless Steel Temperature Probe the temperature was a consistent 70-72 degrees during the sampling period.

Site 3: DVR system one. This DVR system was setup on the first floor in the main hall. One camera was setup going up the first floor staircase, one camera was setup to see down the basement stairs, one camera was setup in Suzanne’s office, and one camera was setup in the main hall. This system did not capture anything anomalous during the investigation.

Site 4: DVR system two. The break room in the basement was used to setup the DVR system .One camera was setup to monitor the candy machine, one was set at the elevator, one was setup in the banquet room, and one was set in the furnace room on the spiral staircase. This system did not capture anything anomalous during the investigation.

Site 5: EMF Camera system. The EMF camera system was setup on first floor in the main hall back by the front door facing north. Both cameras took 22 photos.  All the photos on the right camera had nothing in them but the left camera had two photos containing orbs, photo DCP_0033(left) shows a faint orb in the upper right of the photo Fig. 1. And in DCP_0033_1 it is not there. Fig. 2. In photos DCP_0034 it shows one orb in the chandelier and one above the door Fig. 3. And in DCP_0034_1 they are not there Fig. 4.


EVP’s:  No EVP’s were captured during the investigation by any of the SIPI group members.  It is unknown if guests captured anything during the investigation as they have not submitted any data.   

Subjective results: Some SIPI members experienced headaches but only on the second floor outside the control room. We also had a (RSPK) Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis event occur during the convention. RSPK is the sudden movement of objects without deliberate intention in the presences or vicinity of one or more witnesses .  In this case 8 people witness the phenomena.  The object was a door stop that would be kicked out and fly across the floor when no one was by it.  This occurred 8 or 9 times. In this case the “PK agent” was someone present at the convention that cannot be named, however, we know who it was.  Witnesses include:  Erik McCandless, Connie Boyer, Angela Angel, Dusty Russell, Ashley Dorman, Buzz Owen, Juli Velazquez, Donnie Howard, and William Miller. During a break Dusty Russell went outside and was pushed in the lower abdomen by an unseen force.  Later, in the same location, she was audibly growled at which was witnessed by Donnie Howard and Ashley Dorman.  Ashley Dorman was also pushed as she was going out the side door for a break during the investigation.

Discussion: The researchers believe the (RSPK) event which occurred during the convention, the growling and members being physically pushed was caused by a human agent. The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators would to thank Suzanne Hudson-Smith and Ashley Murray for all the hard work they did to bring this convention to fruition.  We hope next year will be as good as this year was. We also hope to bring in more groups and speakers for 2011.

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