Paranormal 101

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Old Joel Bell Cabin

Researchers: Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators
Investigators: Audra Miller, Connie Boyer, Dusty Russell, Angela Angel,
Ashley Dorman, Ray Seaton, Tim Bee, William T. Miller
By William T. Miller and Tim Bee

The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators were allowed to perform an investigation
in the old cabin that once belonged to Joel Bell., The cabin is located in Adams Antique Mall, 7617 Highway 41 N. Adams, TN. 37010. Adams Antique Mall is the former Old Bell School. The investigation was arranged with town historian Mr. Timothy R. Henson. For forty years Mr. Henson has researched the Bells and the Bell Witch of Adams, TN.

Once the home of Joel Bell., son of Jhon Bell, Sr. the cabin was built in the 1800's when John Bell moved his family to Red River, TN. in what now Adams, TN. It was not until 1817 that John Bell first spotted a strange-looking animal in his cornfield which vanished when shot at it. After that, rapping, gnawing, and scratching sounds occurred in the night. This commenced what is now the legend of the Bell Witch. The events lasted until the death of John Bell,Sr. in 1821. This investigation produced a couple of unusual results.

Researchers positioned both the 2-Camera Digital Magnetometer and the Vernier System in the cabin. The Vernier system was setup by SIPI member Tim Bee and William Miller setup the 2-camera Digital Magnetometer System.

The Vernier System:

Tim Bee set the system to run for two hours. Samples were taken at a rate of two samples per second. He employed the following sensors: two motion sensors, one light meter, one stainless steel temperature prob and one sound meter. Tim set his wristwatch to countdown the two hour time period. The countdown commenced upon start of the sample period. Upon reentry into the cabin, William Miller noted that the Vernier equipment was still running this was unusual. We then allowed another twenty minutes to pass and reentered the cabin only to find the equipment still running, at that time stopped the sample period.

Light Sensor:
The illumination measured on the light meter reports illumination in the cabin during the sample period as steady between a range of 3.37 and 4.45 Lux from time 0,9 to 25.7 minutes. A spike in illumination occurs during time period 25.7 minutes 26.2 minutes. This is the result of a SIPI member opening the door. Immediately following this spike, the illumination returns to the previous range of 3.37 to 4.45 Lux. Until time period 54.3 minutes, the illumination drops to a range of .34 and 1.11 Lux. Remaining at that point until time period 91.5 minutes. The illumination spikes at this time period is resuliting from William Miller and Tim Bee reentering the cabin. Upon our exit, the illumination returns to the range recorded prior to the unexplained drop at 54.3 minutes. (3.34 to 4.69 Lux). The illumination remained in this range until we stopped the sample period. Fig.1

Dig/Sonic 1-2; Motion Detector:
The motion sensor recorded motion at five points in the sample period. The first (91.7-94.3 minutes) and the last at (116.6 minutes) are from William Miller and Tim Bee reentering the cabin. Both sensors recorded this movment. The second occurring at time period 108.855 minutes and 108.952 shows movement 3.827 and 4.129 ft. the third is at time period 111.49 minutes to 111.65 shows movement in the range show movement in the range 3.826 to 4.127 ft. the fourth occurs at time period 113.014 minutes to 113.140 show movement in the range 3.826 to 4.131 ft. This movement was recorded by one motion sensor the sensor was aimed the MESA camera system. This is an unusual result. No cause could be found. Fig:2

Temperature Probe:
The temperature sensor showed a temperature 86.8 F at the beginning of the sample period. the temperature at the end of the sample period was 86.6 F. This is not unusual but what is is the temperature in the cabin fluctuated rapidly throughout the sample period 86.4 F to 88.2 F. This is very unusual but consistent with what we look for in haunt phenomena Fig:3

MESA 2-camera Digital Magnetometer System:
The Camera system was setup in front of the fireplace the system took three photos. No anomalous images were captured.

Only one EVP was captured during the investigation. investigators cannot determine what was said. However, all but one investigator heard this sound come from inside cabin no cause was found for this.

No anomalous video or photos was captured during the investigation at the bell cabin.

The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators would like to thank Mr. Henson for all the help he provided to make this investigation possible. For all the information he gave us and for coming in on his day off to open the cabin up for us. His efforts are gratefully appreciated. We would also like to say that just talking with Mr. Henson was as good as any investigation we have done to date. We definitely look forward to returning to Adams, TN. just to talk with Mr. Henson.