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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evansville Living.

Evansville Living

Spooky Situations

After Billy Miller founded Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators in 2000, his team explored numerous locations rumored to be frequented by ghosts. We asked Miller what he learned.
This World War II vessel, now a memorial docked on the Ohio River, has a resident ghost. During Miller’s investigation, his team members heard footsteps in the war room — but no people were inside. The team’s psychic felt like the apparition was someone who had never served in the military but was killed in an anchor accident.
Nearby in Rockport, Ind., is a tourist attraction celebrating the lives of Hoosier pioneers. A list of haunting discoveries: Inside one cabin, clothing was moved overnight, and windows locked from the inside opened. Employees and investigators inside the museum heard footsteps, ox shoes hanging on the wall blew back and forth without air circulation, and unexplainable moans and groans were picked up on Miller’s equipment.
The Grey Lady is one of Evansville’s most famous ghost stories, and library officials have a ghost cam ready to spot the apparition. Miller has investigated the historic building eight times. In the children’s section, he heard a sound like a nail being pulled out of lumber and smelled sandalwood incense that vanished almost as quickly as it appeared.
The historic building now housing the WNIN offices is another facility known for curious circumstances. Miller investigated the building after an employee spotted two women in 1800s garb having a snack attack on an elevator. At night, Miller heard moans, groans, and footsteps, and in the second floor men’s bathroom, he heard a toilet seat slam.
Built in 1858, this Indianapolis mansion has plenty of intrigue for Miller. Formerly used as a safe house on the Underground Railroad, the building has secret passages. When runaway slaves were killed in an accidental fire, the owners couldn’t report their deaths. A lone concrete patch in the dirt-covered basement is said to be their grave.

Monday, October 24, 2011

EVP Waverly Hills August 31 2011.

This EVP was captured by Teresa Hogg in the morgue at Waverly Hills with Brittany Kappos and Mikel Hogg.

Saturday, October 22, 2011