Paranormal 101

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SIPI Back To Willard Library October, 22nd 2011.

The Overnight Paranormal Investigation of Willard Library will begin at 11:30pm Saturday, October 22nd and conclude at dawn on October 23rd.

This year's paranormal overnight investigation will feature a "dream team" of tri-state area paranormal investigators all on one investigation:  Tim Harte of MESA (Illinois), Billy Miller & SIPI-- Southern Indiana paranormal Investigators (Indiana), PIHK--Paranormal Investigators of Henderson, Kentucky (Kentucky).

The Evansville Courier & Press will conduct a live webcast, with hosts who will film and interview investigators and those present between Midnight and 2am as they go about their investigation into the internationally recognized, haunted Willard Library.  This webcast (which will be viewable live, also) and mini documentaries created this year will be added to a revamped and re-done website.