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Friday, November 24, 2006

Willard Library October, 21, 2006

Willard Library Overnight Investigation 6
Date: October 21-22 2006
Researchers: MESA (MULTI-ENERGY SENSOR ARRAY), Willard Library Ghost
Chatters, Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators
Adria Westfall, Connie Boyer, Tim Bee, David Dugas, Tina Dean, Beverly Leavell,
Zak Riggs, Tim Harte MESA/SIPI and William T. Miller SIPI/MESA
By William T. Miller President/Founder
Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators

The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators were host this year at the overnight investigation at the Willard Library along with the MESA team of Tim Harte and Mike Holinshead as well as PHI and the Willard Ghost Chatters and other guests.

The Willard Library was built in 1885. it is the oldest public library in Indiana. It is located at 21 First Avenue, Evansville, IN. at the corner of First Ave. and the Lloyd Expressway. It was built by Willard Carpenter, A philanthropist from where it gets it name it was designed by James and Merritt Reed, this glorious Victorian gothic structure is nestled in the center of a six-lane highway and busy city streets of this Southwestern Indiana city. It was inducted into the National Historic Places in 1972. According to popular sources (Hauck, 1996), the Willard Library was first considered to be haunted in 1937 when a custodian quit after encountering an apparition of a "gray lady" in the basement. Since then, staff and patrons have claimed to sense the apparition's presence as a cold spot or strong odor of perfume. The apparition has been reported near the restrooms, elevator, furnace room, and the children's room in the basement. In the 1950's the children's librarian Margaret Maier claimed to have seen the apparition repeatedly (Maier died in 1989). Allegedly the ghost was also seen on a security monitor near the restrooms in 1997. In 1992 a child reported see two ghosts in the children's room. The child reported seeing whom is believed to be Maier sitting in a peacock chair, and standing behind was the apparition of the "gray lady." The gray is reported to appear wearing clothing from the late 1880's. The identity of the apparition is still debated to this day. However, the majority of opinion suggests that the apparition is that of Louise Carpenter, the daughter of the library's founder. Louise Carpenter once sued the library's board of trustees claiming that her father was "of unsound mind and unduly influenced in establishing the (Willard) Library" ( She lost the suit, and as a result, her claim to any of the library's property. After her death, her spirit has allegedly returned to the library and will continue to haunt the grounds until the property and it holdings are returned back over to the living heirs of the Carpenter family. The last sighting of the gray lady was August, 7. 1997, in the basement of the library, librarians that work in the basement have reported visual phenomena such as a gray form, strong perfume, tactile sensations on their neck and hair and sensed presence.

Gray Ladies:
The ghosts of women who reportedly died violently for the sake of love or pined away from loss of love. Gray ladies take their name from their frequent appearance as a woman dressed in gray. Some, however, appear clothed in white, black and brown. According to lore, gray ladies haunt a house because of their intense desire to be reunited with a loved one. Their hauntings often are associated with poltergeist activity. Gray ladies appear around the world.

The Vernier System was used in two locations in the basement one was setup inside the children's reading room and the Second outside the reading room. Sensors included. Two Motion Sensors, one Light sensor, one Temperature Probe, and one Magnetic Field Sensor. The second was setup with the same sensors I do not have the results back on them at this time. The children's reading room was sampled for one hour

Channel 1: Visible Light Sensor: This sensor recorded no unusual light in this room it went from 0.2 Lux, to 3.9 Lux and the cause for this was from lights from outside the building.

Channel 2: Magnetic Field Sensor: The Magnetic field sensor did not show any changes in this aera. This sensor was pointed NORTH.

Channel 3: Temperature Probe: The Temperature prob did not record any changes it was 21.8c=71.24f at the start and went down to 21.0c=69.8f at the end of the sampling period. We look for a 10 or 15 degree drop for it to be anomalous.

Digital/Sonic 1: Motion Sensor: This Motion sensor did not record any motion during this one hour sampling period. This sensor was pointed EAST.

Digital/Sonic 2: Montion Sensor: This Motion sensor did not record any motion during this one hour sampling period. This sensor was pointed SOUTH.

Photographs: Some of the photographs revealed some orbs that was taken by some of the researchers. The one group shot on the stairs shows one or over Adria Westfall's face and a second photo that shows something over Zak Riggs' head. We do not know what this could be.

Video: No unusual video was recorded.

EMF Field Sensor: We had a 3.6mG on a EMF Field Tester and a Cell Sensor at the same time this reading was taken on the stairs between the first and second floor by David Dugas and Tim Bee. No cause could be found for this to occur.

At this time the Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators would like to thank Greg Hager and the staff of the Willard Library for having us as host for this overnight investigation I would like to thank all of the SIPI members for all the hard work they did. I would also like to thank the MESA team Tim Harte and Mike Hollinshead for all the help they give us on investigations. Also PHI of Indiana for coming down and helping us out. Thank you all and we will see you in 2007.

William T. Miller President/Founder Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators
Adria Westfall Vice President Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators

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