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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

303 South First Street, Boonville, IN.

303 South First Street. Boonville, IN.
Date: October 28, 2006
Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators, MESA, Fox 7 News
Researchers: Adria Westfall, Connie Boyer, Tim Bee, David Dugas, Tina Dean,
Beverly Leavell, Zak Riggs, Tim Harte, William T. Miller
By William T. Miller Founder Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators


Fox 7 News asked the Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators to set up an investigation that they could air on October, 31. Halloween night. The investigation took place in a Boonville home that we had investigated back in July of 2005. The home is located at 303 South First Street. The family has lived in the house for six years and has experienced some unusual paranormal phenomena.


The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators and MESA (MULTI-ENERGY SENSOR ARRAY) investigated the home at 303 South First st. back on July 9th 2005 and found some unusual phenomena going on in the house. The home is over 120 years old and has an attic, two floors, and a basement. During the first Investigation some of the researchers experienced some unusual activity, such as auditory phenomena, a baby crying in the attic and an old woman crying in what is now the master bedroom, and a sensed presences in the turret room in the attic.


The Vernier System was set up in the master bedroom. The sensors include; Light Sensor, Temperature Probe, Magnetic Sensor and Motion Sensor. The bedroom was sampled for one hour. MESA was set up in the kitchen at the same time and ran for one hour. I do not have the results back on them at this time.

Channel 1: Visible Light Sensor: This sensor recorded no unusual light in this room it went from 0.2 Lux, to 2.5 Lux and the cause for this was the light from laptop.

Channel 2: Temperature Probe: The Temperature probe did not record any changes in temperature it was 65.5f at the start and went down to 64.5f at the end of the sampling period we look for a 10 or 15 degree for it to be anomalous.

Channel 3: Magnetic Field Sensor: The Magnetic Field Sensor did not record any changes in the area during the sampling period.

Digital/Sonic 1: Motion Sensor: The Motion Sensor did not record any motion during the sampling period.

Photographs: Three photos that was taken by Zak Riggs are what we would call anomalous. One is of a mist on the back side of the house and the photo right after that is clear of the mist. The second is in the attic and shows a green mass and green light that was not there when the photo was taken, and the last one was taken in the kitchen area and shows a lot of energy. That is unusual when the rest of the photo is fine, you can also see a small light coming off of Adria's arm and going down on the back of the chair.

Video: No unusual video was recorded.

Audio: No unusual audio was recorded.

EMF Field Sensor: A 3.9 mG reading was taken coming out of the little girl's room by David Dugas this was in the doorway and no cause was found for this reading.

At this time the Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators would like to thank the home owners for having us in their home for this investigation, also Fox 7 News for doing this investigation for the Halloween show on October 31, and Tim Harte of MESA, all of the SIPI members for all the time they put in this group to help make it what it is with out them we could not do what we do.

Adria Westfall President Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators
William T. Miller Founder Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators

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Charles said...

I owned this home from 1986 to 2001. I experienced some auditory phenomena when we first moved in, but the more I restored the house and undid the "remuddling", the less frequent they were until they finally stopped about 1994 or 1995.