Paranormal 101

Monday, April 18, 2011

Private Cemetery.

This photo was captured by SIPI member Erik McCandless on a deer cam what ever this was in the red box it was not one of us. It is taller then anyone that was with Buzz is over six feet and as you can see this is much taller, and right above the date is Sammy and Taby and they are at lest four and half feet tall. I have had this photo analyzed by a professional and they could not explain it.

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Sporty Monkey said...

I know that I'm not a professional however I would like to leave some input on this, if I may. It almost looks like there are 2 entities there. One is strangling the other. If you look on the right of the face area you clearly see a hand with the thumb up. As I said, I'm not a professional but maybe someone has maybe said the same thing before giving more of a confirmation on what is going on.