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Friday, May 29, 2009

Robin Hill.

Our time at Robin Hill was to short built in 1836 we only had a few hours to investigate this old house I will have the report on this investigation next week and will post it then.Robin Hill Investigation
917 Mill Street
Mt. Vernon, IN. 47620

May 1st, 2009
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Local Time

Weather: Clear, Cool—Air Temperature Range 50-65 Degrees F


The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators, lead by Billy Miller, Founder, investigated Robin Hill in Mt. Vernon, IN. on May 1st, 2009, from the time of 7:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. Those also who attended the investigation were Jack Oliver, Tina Dean, Ashley Dorman, and Rose Quiroz.

Site Description:

The single-family home is located in a suburban development located on the west side of town, and is a large structure with over 20 rooms. It has a small basement, and three main living levels.

Pre Investigation Visit:

This investigation was set up by Ashley Dorman and Rose Quiroz, with no Pre-Investigation done.


According to the website:, Robin Hill was built in 1837 or 1838 by William Lowery and since that time has had five other names including: Popcorn Hill, Ferndale, and Belden Place to name a few. It is stated that Robin Hill was a stop for the Underground Railroad, and that a tunnel led from the Ohio River to the house. Other individuals say that the slaves crossed the Ohio River from Kentucky then walked up a creek, by Kiwanis Park, to the famous Robin Hill. No one knows for sure if this is true or not. It is stated that at one time the home was a quest to President Taft. The current owners of Robin Hill bought the home in 2001 and moved in the current address in 2004.

Paranormal Incidents:

An interview was done by Tina Dean with the current owners on any Paranormal Incidents that they had occurred while living at Robin Hill, and it was stated that all they really heard was Toilets Flushing, and noises during the nighttime hours.

Methods Used:

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) collection occurred throughout the house, as well as, photographs that were taken throughout the entire different levels of the home, and the Vernier system was set up.


EVP: The voice recorders functioned normally. No anomalies were recorded.

Photographs: The devices functioned normally. No anomalies were recorded.

Vernier System: The Vernier system with LabPro dataloggers with sensors attached to a lap top computer were running with LoggerPro 3.5.0 software on the third floor in one of the main bedrooms. Nothing was detected and no anomalies were recorded.

Personal Experiences:

There were two personal experiences that occurred at Robin Hill. The First one took place in one of the main bedrooms on the third floor. As Jack Oliver, Ashley Dorman, and Rose Quiroz entered one of the main bedrooms on the third floor they noticed that one of the bottom drawers on a Chester drawer opened. It was later discovered that the Chester draw was off balance.

Another personal experience happened on the Main floor of the home. Jack Oliver was standing on the first floor staircase and noticed a shadowy figure standing at the Main entrance of the home. Ashley Dorman was standing behind Jack Oliver and stated that she saw the shadowy figure as Jack had seen.


mom2three said...

This house is currently up for sale - I'm not from Mt Vernon and had not heard any of the stories until I decided to go look at the house. I want the house and do not care that it is or isnt' haunted - my husband is not so sure - now that he knows the story he doesn't think he can live there - he's also worried about the effect on our children.
Since nothing was found/recorded during your visit in May - is it safe to say the house is not haunted?

spooken2 said...

I can not say the house is not haunted but it is safe to move into I know I would!

lsnelling2001 said...

I grew up in the town and some pretty scary things happen to me involving that house. It is a beautiful house but I wouldnt live there to save my life. Its a scary place

Karen said...

Not sure when these comments were made but a man from Wadesville bought this house and has refinished it and it is awesome. I have been in it several times and have not notice anything different about it. A group in Mt. Vernon called Young Life is going to give tours of it for a fundraiser. Not sure of the dates yet but this is a chance for anyone that has ever been curious about this house to come and see for theirselves.

Aubrie said...

Theres no way Id ever live there. I grew up in that town also, and now live in Evansville. Glad to be away from the there. The whole place is creepy. That house especially. I heard though that their turning it into a B&B now that the renovations are finished. I gotta say it is really nice!

jarrod nation said...

When they tore down the old Junior High there was a tunnel that my brother and I found that led under the stage of Hedges Elementary and led to the House normally referred to as Robins Hill. The other side of the tunnel led to the Ohio River. I'm not sure if it ran underneath the river or not. I did not get that far. There was a very old desk and chair in the tunnel along with some other old artifacts.

Drt Weight Fodor said...

I would live there if I had the money and as soon as I get rich or win lotto it will be mine and I will open it to the public for bed and breakfast cause It is too beautiful not to share!

Drt Weight Fodor said...

I would live there if I had the money and as soon as I get rich or win lotto it will be mine and I will open it to the public for bed and breakfast cause It is too beautiful not to share! I've grown up around this home and know there is a lot of history in those walls but kudos to those who've remodeled it I've been inside and it is amazing! Mount Vernon's little mansion! Thanks for the article I can add it to my research!