Paranormal 101

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bead Angel

August 20: Special Wednesday Night Program: 7pm sharp: SOUTHERN INDIANA PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS Present A Return Engagement! A multi-media evening of ghost stories, pictures, Q & A, spooks and shivers. In May, they set up their equipment on 3 floors of The Bead Angel to try to record any live activity that was going on around us?orbs, entities, spirits, etcetera. They have some interesting results to share with us! They will set up equipment once again, and you can participate in trying to record EVP voice recordings! Suggested donation of $5 or more. Doors will be locked at 7pm, so please arrive before then! NOTE FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT BE 'SPOOKED'?This is NOT a séance. Have you ever watched one of those real-life 'spooky shows' on TV? Our friends from SIPI will have some of the same equipment to work with. Come and see what 'the other side' is doing in the ethers right around you! Bring your own stories and pictures to share, also!

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