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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Private Home

Title: Private Home Boonville, IN
Date: November 19, 2005
Researchers: Billy Miller, Audra Miller, Adria Westfall, Connie Boyer, Tim Bee,
David Dugas, and Tim Harte
By Timothy M. Harte, MA, LCPC


The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators and MESA conducted an investigation of
an undisclosed Boonville, Indiana home. The energies recorded and evidence found
during the investigation revealed that the home is currently active, and has a variety of
haunt activity present.


MESA did a presentation at the Newburgh, IN. Ghost Walks, in October, and a
person came forward to tell us about her home. She had experienced the gamut of haunt
phenomena there. The home and names cannot be disclosed for confidential reasons.
The owner had moved there in February of 2005. She has been there for approximately 9
months. The home was built in the 1910's but the exact year is not known. The owner
reported apparitions, acoustic phenomena, sensed presences, sudden emotional changes,
tactile sensations, erratic functioning of equipment, cold spots, floating lights and
luminous phenomena, and object movement. The phenomena had rich and enduring
quality to it, and the team also experienced several things during the investigation.

Method: The researchers set up MESA, the 2-camera digital magnetometer system, and
infrared video cameras in one place for a 2-hour sampling period in the back bedroom.
MESA was also complemented with digital still and Hi 8mm video cameras, and other equipment supplied by the Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators.

Apparatus: The MESA computer system has been described elsewhere (harte, Black,
Hollinshead, 1999; Harte, black, Hollinshead, & Mitchell, 2001) and this investigation
will focus on anomalous results of this investigation. The researchers are primarily
looking for a 7 mG change in the graph, or other anomalous information. A sampling
rate of 40 times per second was programmed, as this is the usual rate. Sound and video
systems were utilized at this site. An infrared camera (Clover Electronics, and PZM (pressure zone microphone, Radio Shack) were
connected to a video cassette recorded.

Photographs: Several photographs reveal orb activity with digital cameras and
35 mm cameras.

Video: Infrared light camera revealed some shadows that cannot be explained. There
were also some audio bumps with these shadows. In the front room, a red streak or moving orb was also
captured during an EVP session on the Hi 8 video camera.

Audio: Some inexplicable bumps appear at the same time as the shadows on the
infrared camera. There is one EVP we analyzed and it sounds like is a male voice saying "Steve Miller".

Subjective results: The team experienced many things during the investigation. CB's
batteries went dead in her camera immediately upon arrival. (It is a HP Photosmart M305, 3.2 MB
digital camera). Orbs were observed in the home, caught on video in the attic, and outside the home on digital camera. While recording in the front room, a visible orb shoots over Adria's shoulder an down in front of her body. Olfactory phenomenon included aftershave (like old spice), and what could only be described as "an old
man." This smell permeated the home at different times during the investigation. Headaches
were experienced by the team (DD and TH). Two member of the team were "touched" or
their shirt was grabbed in the front room (CB and AM). CB's small blue penlight also went
on and off while sitting on a table, and no one was touching it at the time. Lastly, drawers
in a dresser were mysteriously opened while the team was recording in the front room.

Discussion: The researchers are confident about the results, especially with the infrared
light, vibration, and static magnetic fields. The types of physical energy recorded may
cause people to experience some types of unusual phenomena. More research of the home and area needed
to determine the cause of this phenomena.

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