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Sunday, November 13, 2005

LST 325

LST 325 Evansville, IN
October 30, 2005
Researchers: Billy Miller, Adria Vanover, Connie Boyer, George Hall, Timothy M. Harte
By Timothy M. Harte, MA, LCPC


The LST 325 is located at Marina Pointe, Evansville, Indiana. Fox 7 News asked MESA to investigate the ship and record haunt phenomena. The team captured some unusual motion, and one magnectic sensor showed unusual activity.


LST is a Landing Ship Tank Class 1. It was laid down 10 August 1942, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA. It was launched 27 October 1942. It was commissioned USS LTS-325 on 1 February 1943, with Ira Ehrensall, USNR, in command. During World War II, the LST-325 was assigned to the European Theater of Operation (ETO) and particpated in the Sicilian occupation in July of 1943, and the Invasion of Normandy in June of 1944. The ship was decommissioned 2 July 1946, at Green Cove Springs, FL. The ship was again placed in service with MSTS in 1951 as USNS T-LST-325. It was then placed out of service, date unknown. The ship was struck from the Naval Register on 1 September 1961. It was then transferred to MARAD for lyy up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet. The US reacquired it in September 1963. It was then transferred to Greece under the Military Assistance Program 1 May 1964, and rename "Syros (L-144)." It operated in the Grecin navy for about three decades. "Syros" left active service in later 1990's. The ship was then reacquired by the USS LST Memorial Inc., and she sailed from Greece in December of 2000 to Mobile, AL, her future home. She arrived 10 Janyary 2001 in Mobile, AL. The ship was redesignated as Historical Museum LST-325 early 2004. Her current disposition is to serve as a tribute to all LST sailors. The LST-325 earned two battle stars for World War II service She was moored on the Ohio River at Jeffersonville, IN and then at Evansville, IN July 12 2003. The present ship still has some 40mm and 20mm guns on it. It also features a quad machine gun halftrack, and a hospitle jeep. There is also a truck on the second deck. Other specifications can be seen at The ship was used as troop and equipment transport, and is not a record of how many men met their death on the ship. It is thought to be haunted by a US Marine (his name was thought to be "Jonathan") that died while being caught in an anchor that was hoisted during World War II.


The researchers set up MESA, the 2-camera digital magnetometer system, and infrared video system in one place in the galley for a one hour sampling period. MESA was also complemented with the Vernier system, which was placed in the kitchen, adjacent to the galley.

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