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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Exchange Hotel

Exchange Hotel, Newburgh, IN.
Date: October 3, 2005
Researchers: Billy Miller, Adria Vanover, Connie Boyer, Susan Tieken, George Hall, Timothy M. Harte
By Timothy M. Harte, MA, LCPC


The Exchange Hotel is located at State & Jennings Street, in Newburgh, Indiana. It was built in 1841 by Joseph L. Spitz. Another man bought the property in 1850, Zaven Hazen. In 1854 it was enlarged to hold more travlers. In 1856 it was sold to Mr. Thornburg and Mr. Wyman. in 1861 it was turned into a hospital and armory during the Civil War. In July 18th ,1862, some marauders captured and pillaged the town of Newburgh. Two suspected traitors were attacked and killed by some of the town citizens. "Their bodies were hung upside down in the doorway of the hotel as a reminder to the people of what happens to traitors in wartime" ( Bryant, 2002 ). The Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators and MESA members joined to investigate the site and record haunt phenomena. The team captured some unusual shadows on video, anomalous vibration, and one magnetic sensor showed anomlous activity. There was also one anomalous digital image, which revealed an orb using the 2-camera system.


The owners of the hotel had reported some interesting haunt phenomena. A full interview was not conducted at the time due to time constraints. But the phenomena included footsteps, apparitions, and object movement in a different parts of the hotel.


The researchers set up MESA, the 2 - camera digital magnetometer system, infrared
and night shot video cameras in several places on the first floor in the antique store.
The MESA system was set up for two- hour sampling period. MESA was also complemented
with the Vernier system and other equipment supplied by the Southern Indiana
Paranormal Investigators.


The MESA computer system has been described elsewhere ( Harte, Black, Hollinshead,
1999; Harte, Black, Hollinshead, & Mitchell, 2001) and this investigation will focus on
anomalous results of the investigation. The researchers are primarily looking for a 7 mG
change in the graphs, or other anomalous information. A sampling rate of 40 times per second
was programmed, as this is the usual rate. Sound and video systems were utilized at this
site. An infrared camera ( Clover Electronics, www. and PZM
(pressure zone microphone, Radio Shack) were connected to a video cassette recorder.

Vernier: The Vernier system utilized motion and magnetic sensors. Both of the motion sensors recorded anomalous motion during the sampling period.

Photographs: One photographs reveal an orb using the two camera system.

Video: Infrared light camera revealed some shadows in the back of the building moving, and more research and analysis is needed at this time.

Audio: No anomalous audio was recorded.

Subjective results: The team was not in the area for this investigation, and nothing was experienced outside the hotel.

Discussion: The researchers remain puzzled about the results, especially on ultraviolet light, vibration, and static magnetic fields. The types of physical energy recorded may cause some types of anomalous phenomena. More research of this area is needed.

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