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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Chittyville School

Investigations: MESA Reprot
Chittyville School, Herrin, IL.
Date: Stepember 2005
Researchers: MESA ( Billy Miller, George Hall and Timothy M. Harte)
By Timothy M. Harte, MA, LCPC

Summary: Mesa ( Mulit-Energy Sensor Array)contacted the staff at the Chittyville School,
Herrin, IL to conduct an investigation. It is located on Chittyville Road in Herrin.Some unusual
results were recorded, along with subjective results that were experienced during the
investigation. Anomalous energies were also recored during investigation.

Background: The school was built in 1939, as part of the WPA projects. It was purchased recently by the King family to house storage and business offices. They reported auditory
phenomena ( footsteps, and voices talking) and sensed presences usually in the gymnasium,
feeling as if someone is behind them, or they feel as if they are not alone in that area.They
also reported object movement of blinds moving, radios erratically functioning, dogs would
not come in the building, and nightmares when sleeping there.

Apparatus: MESA group members utilize digital cameras, infrared non-contact
thermometers, and digital recorders to record haunt phenomena. They continue to record
anomalous phenomena at sites using these devices and techniques. The MESA computer
system has been decribed elsewhere (Harte, Black& Hollinshead, 1999; Harte, Black,
Hollinshead & Mitchell, 2001) and this report will focus on the anomalous results of the
investigation. MESA is comprised of a Dell laptop computer connected to an A/D box that
changes analog information from sensors into digital information. The sensors are connected
to the A/D box with new 12 foot BNC cables (Radio Shack) and then to the laptop with a
parallel cable. The sensors include infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light,electromagnetic
field (60 Hz Tri- Field meter by AlphaLab, Inc) and 3 static magnetic field (0 to 0.5Hz by
Speake and Company) sensors. The vibration sensor was omitted for this investigation.
The researchers are primarily looking for a 7 mG change inthe magnetic fields. A sampling
rate of 40 times per second was utilized. Sound and video were captured using an infrared
camera( Clover Electronics, and a PZM (pressure zone microphone,
Radio Shake) connected to a Behringer 802B mixer. The mixer is then connected to a Sharp
VHS recorder with RCA cables. The Vernier system was also deployed at this site. It has 2
motion detectors, 2magnetic field sensors, and a visible light sensor.

Results: MESA was deployed on the gymnasium stage left for this investigation. The owners
reported sensed presences. Two sampling periods was conducted. The usual 40 samples a
second was chosen. The first sampling period was approximately 8:30 to 9:30 P.M. The
second was 9:40 to10:40 P.M.

Site: 1

Channel 1: The infrared sensor recorded 7 anomalous events during the sampling period.
The negative fluctuations go from 7 down to 3 footcandles in some instances.

Channel 2: Visible light shows a steady level of 68 footcandles throughout the sampling period.

Channel 3:There was an extremely low level of ultraviolet light recorded in the room, from
0.1 mW/cm squared to about 0.2 W/cm squared during the sampling period. Still slightly
unusual for this area.

Channel4: There is a wavering 0.7 to 1.7 mG 60 Hz electromagnetic field level in the room.
This is unusual for this room, and may cause a sensed presence.

Channel 5: There are unusual chgnges in the floor of the stage in the gymnasium. From24 to
48 minutes, there are 7 changes during the sampling period. More sampling needs to be done
on the floor of the room for better data.

Channel 6: The static magnetic field sensor pointed west recorded changes between 9 and 2
mG. This is anomalous.

Channel 7: This static magnetic filed sensor pointed up recorded changes between 11 and 4
mG. This is anomalous.

Channel 8: This static magnetic field sensor pointed north recorded changes between 6mG
and above 12 mG. This is anomalous.

Photographs: Digital photographs revealed several pictures with orbs, and were caught with
the 2- camera system.

Video: Infrared video revealed some unusual orbs. We need to do further analysis at this time.

Audio: No unusual audio was recorded at this site.

Subjecive results: During the investigatinn, the researchers heard footsteps and voices
when no one else was in the building.

Discussion: The evidence gathered at this point is conclusive, and the researchers think
the energies recorded at this site could produce haunt activity. We want to think the owners
for allowing us to do an investigation and we hope to go back in the future.


Harte, T.M.,Black, D.L., Hollinshead, M.T.(1999) A new configuration for measuring
electromagnetic field fluctuations. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments &Computers 31,
(4) 680-683

Harte, T.M., Black, D.L., Hollinshead, M.T., & Mitchell, D. E. (2001). MESA in a haunt versus a non-haunt site. Proceeding of the 44th Annual Parapsychological Association Convention.
New York, NY: Parapsychological Association.

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